Petrus Prestige Gladius


Duque Cigars sent me an interesting cigar to review this time around. The foot band simply said “Petrus” on it. After some research, I found out this is a Dominican Puro made by Felipe Gregorio. The tobacco is said to be from Cuban seed Vuelta Arriba and Criollo varieties grown in the Cibao Valley. I always appreciate a cigar with  a simple presentation. When I see a non flashy band, it tells me that maybe something good is in store. Let’s see how the Petrus does this afternoon paired with the usual fine Florida tap water, PUR filtered of course.


Wrapper/Binder/Filler: Dominican

Size: 5 1/3 x 42

Price: $5 – $6.00


Pre-Smoke & Construction:

Overall, the cigar looked nice. The wrapper was a little bumpy, veiny and rugged looking. Pinching the cigar, I found it to be very tightly packed. Despite this, the draw was free. Sniffing the wrapper and foot revealed a nice woody smell. The pre-light draw was earthy and woody. The head of the cigar looked good, with a triple cap twisted into a small pig tail. The burn required quite a few touch-up’s, and the ash held on for about an inch.



The first third started out with a very simple flavor profile. Smooth earthy notes lead the pack, while a very faint cocoa flavor stayed way in the background. Pillowy clouds of smoke added a nice texture.


The second third continued with a nice earthy flavor. As I progressed into the cigar, the mocha notes increased substantially. With that brought a somewhat sweet flavor along with wood. Not bad!


The last third continued with that mocha flavor. It really opened up and I could have sworn I tasted coffee mixed with the mocha. The earthy flavors went away and the entire flavor profile just felt rich.



This was a good medium to full bodied cigar. Although it was basically a simple flavor profile, it seemed that there was something more to it that my palate isn’t advanced enough to pick up. It just had a rich flavor and feeling. If you see any of these around, pick one up. Maybe you can let me know your experience with the Petrus Prestige Gladius.

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