Welcome to TomsCigars.com. I am based here in Saint Petersburg, Florida. This is not a cigar retail store. Any money this site makes is dumped back into the site via reviews or contests. Yes, I pretty much run a break even operation. Here you will find my thoughts on various cigars and cigar related topics. A few years ago, I ran across a blog called The Stogie Review. That led me to a lot of other great sites out there. All of this content inspired me to start publishing my thoughts on cigars. The story of TomsCigars isn’t anything great. I’m not a major player in the cigar industry or community. In fact, I’m not a player at all. But this place did end up being what I intended it to be. My corner of the web.

It all started in August of 2007, when I started up a Herfspace page. I would put my very amateurish thoughts on cigars there.


Months later, an upgrade at Herfspace erased everyone’s posts and accounts. I managed to recover a lot of the content, but wasn’t too happy about the wipe-out. I decided in mid 2008 to pack up and move over to blogger.com. There, I started Tom’s Cigar Journal. I stayed there for the remainder of 2008, and reserved the domain name tomscigars.com.


By mid to late 2008, traffic increased, and I figured it was time to host the site on my own. Again, I packed up and moved over to a host that wasn’t free (but certainly not expensive). During the move, it seemed logical to start using WordPress. This allowed a bit more flexibility in the theme of the site. To my surprise, traffic here is similar to quite a few popular review sites out there. This is where TomsCigars.com stands today.


It may not be the best or fanciest site out there, but that isn’t the goal here. This place is simply a journal that perhaps you will find informative. Maybe it will inspire you to start writing reviews of your own. You will find all of the reviews here are honest, and I don’t cater to any person, or even sponsors.

Feel free to contact me via the contact form, or leave comments on a review. I should also mention, if you REALLY want me to review a particular cigar, you can request it, or send it on over to me. If you want your review featured on this site, I’d be happy to post it as well.